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Hacienda Muñoz

Hacienda Muñoz Private Reserve Natural Coffee

Hacienda Muñoz Private Reserve Natural Coffee

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Our 2023 Harvest, from the Hacienda Muñoz Nanolot in San Lorenzo P.R. is toasted within linings of cinnamon to ensure flowery notes and natural sweetness wherever marked.

Continuing the tradition of quality that distinguishes Hacienda Muñoz coffee, we present to you our naturally-harvested Don Héctor Muñoz Private Reserve. This limited and exclusive edition coffee is characterized by a basic process where for 30 days of daily sun-drying, Don Héctor Muñoz takes care of his harvest while nature works to provide all of its goodness for the coffee beans.

100% Arabica Coffee Harvested and processed by Don Héctor Muñoz in Hacienda Muñoz San Lorenzo P.R. 

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