About us


Hacienda Muñoz is a coffee farm founded in 1999 by Héctor Muñoz located in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico. It has a restaurant, Yiya's Restaurant, a coffee shop, Doppio Coffee Bar, a sports bar, Amanda's Garage, and a guided coffee tour.

To visit the hacienda you do not need to make any type of reservation. Everything is done in order of arrival. Admission and parking are free of charge. The coffee tour is not a mandatory activity, you can visit the hacienda without having to do it. 
Hacienda Muñoz doesn't work brunch and/or traditional breakfasts in any establishments, also the entry of food to the restaurant or any area is not allowed. Its also important to emphasize that Hacienda Muñoz is a coffee farm with a restaurant, coffee shop and guided coffee tour only. Meaning that they doesn't have a hostel, swimming pool, live music, farm animals, camping area, picnic area and/or any type of attractions for children.

Business hours

Yiya's Restaurant
Monday - Tuesday: closed
Wednesday - Sunday: 11am -9pm

Doppio Coffee Bar
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 7am-3pm
Wednesday - Friday: 7am-9pm
Saturday - Sunday: 8am-9pm

Amanda's Garage
Saturday - Sunday: 11am-6pm

Coffee Tour
Friday - Sunday: 10am (English), 12pm (Spanish) and 2pm (Spanish) 

Our Story

In 1993 Héctor Muñoz together with his mother Yiya, began to make dishes for activities (catering) from the garage of their house. In the mid-90s they already traveled the entire Island with their flavor satisfying all their clients. At the beginning of 2000 they became responsible for providing their good service to five hospitals, traveling from Ponce to San Juan. In 2002, with capacity for only 20 people, Yiya's Café was born, bearing his name in honor of Doña Yiya. This becomes a place where they could manifest all their knowledge and love for cooking in a more personal way. Such was the acceptance that the the same clientele was "pushing" them to move, since the place was becoming small.

In 1999 Héctor acquired what is now known as Hacienda Muñoz, and it is here where it was built, Yiya's Restaurant. One of his biggest challenges has been to be able to provide his food preparation services to 5,000 athletes in the Mayagüez 2010 Central American Games for a period of one month. The work they did satisfactorily became pride of our town. In 2011, Yiya's Restaurant was described by Sal Magazine and Primera Hora newspaper as one of the best 10 restaurants in Puerto Rico. That same year, Héctor has the dream of resuming the planting of coffee at the farm Process that had disappeared in this area for 100 years.

In 2014 the planting of coffee begins and is born what is today the renowned brand Café Hacienda Muñoz, which in such a short time has managed to win the People Choice Award in 2016 -2017, 2018, and 2019, as the best coffee in Puerto Rico. For Hector and his mother, Yiya, the greatest achievement and satisfaction has been, and is, being able to serve you now. Where are you sitting. All their food is made at the moment, with products of the best quality. With the best seasoning and the greatest dedication of our more than twenty-five years of experience.

 Lydia "Yiya" Martinez passed away in December 2018.