Schedule & Menus

Schedule & Menus

In your visit, you can enjoy Yiya's Restaurant were you will find a variety of traditional puertorrican food. Hacienda Muñoz also offers the experience of Amanda's Garage, a sport bar full of memorabilia to enjoy our own Coffee Blond Craft Beer. Enjoy the smells of coffee roasting while sipping a good cup of Hacienda Muñoz coffee at Doppio Coffee Bar, next to one of the artisan breads sandwiches from our menu. Sit on the terrace overlooking the countryside and enjoy our beautiful, different, and relaxed atmosphere away from the noise of the city environment.

All our establishments (Yiya's Restaurant, Doppio Coffee Bar, Amanda's Garage) work on a first-come, first-served basis, we do not make any type of reservation. The maximum number of people that we work per table is 20, groups of more than 20 will be seated at separate tables  . We do not work brunch or traditional breakfasts in any of our establishments, in addition the entry of food to our restaurant or any area is not allowed.



Yiya's Restaurant Doppio Coffee Bar
Sunday: 11am - 9pm Sunday: 8am - 9pm
Monday: CLOSED Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: CLOSED Tuesday: 7am - 3pm
Wednesday: 11am - 9pm  Wednesday: 7am - 9pm
Thursday:  11am - 9pm Thursday:  7am - 9pm
Friday:  11am - 9pm Friday:  7am - 9pm
Saturday:  11am - 9pm Saturday: 8am - 9pm


Amanda's Garage: Saturday - Sunday: 11am - 6pm

Our establishments work at these hours throughout the whole year. If there are changes to this, they will always be posted on our website, Facebook and Instagram profiles, our information is always updated in all of our social channels. We work during the following holidays as long as they are not Monday: New Year’s Day, Three Kings Day, Valentine's Day, Easter Sunday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year's Eve . We are closed on Good Friday, no exceptions.


Yiya's Restaurant Menú 

Doppio Coffee Bar English Menu

Doppio Coffee Bar Menú Español 



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